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    It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at hand. It sports a friendly interface and display its objects in a simple and easy-to-use manner.

    DMT Enhanced Functions is an optional tool that complements the Database Migration Assistant (DMT). It allows you to improve the productivity of your DMT-based migration projects with its innovative enhancement of the DMT. It makes it possible to manipulate databases with foreign key integrity, reverse update, etc. In addition,

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    The program itself has some customizable backgrounds and a selection of featured colors to make them visually clear to you.

    iLancer is a simple and lightweight imaging solution that offers basic tools for photographers. The editing options are not as numerous as they could be, although they are not necessarily bad. In fact, they make this program accessible for casual users who may need to throw together a modest quality product without a big budget. Editions are offered at varying price points, as well as the option to

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    * Copyright (c) 2015-present, Facebook, Inc.
    * All rights reserved.
    * This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the
    * LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree. An additional grant
    * of patent rights can be found in the PATENTS file in the same directory.


    #import “RCTImageCirc

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    Though it lacks certain features found in similar tools, this gem is a real life saver for me as I manage a busy schedule between two different levels of work. Should you are someone who manages their computers with an eye on efficiency, you can cross out PieSize for office space around the web.

    I would like to thank Dilip Kumar who shared the virtues of tools with him and presented us with a free version.


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  • valmadd


    How to get the selected value from a list view?

    I have a list view in my application from which a user can select an item. Which they are then taken to another activity. I am using an intent to take the user to the next activity. But I can not seem to get the selected item from the list view.
    Here is what I have:

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  • pearwatk


    As Seen On

    Aside from the direct downloads, this website offers access to occasional software reviews. It is our endeavour to present the reviewed software accurately, honestly and with detail.

    While we welcome guides, tutorials and tips from the pro-user community, there is no such thing as professional or hobbyist support here.

    We encourage you to use the information on this website responsibly and support the community by buying software directly from the manufacturers. You should always

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    Anyways, knowing HTML, VBScript and BAT is not a problem for Script Maker. Let’s make your scripting skills as real as possible, by building your very first and basic script.

    Take a look at this screencast by GetApp. Discover what you can achieve with Qualtrics and gain new insights into how it can impact your business. Discover how easy it is to get a perfect QA live survey in a few clicks and more »

    Almost every software

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  • noeljan

    .NET Anagram Task Functions Classic
    This article is about the classic functions of the Anagram Task Pack, which are divided into two groups: static and dynamic. The static functions will always be static, while the dynamic functions will consist of 3 methods.
    For example, if you have a list, it will be easy to use the static methods to do the task, but if you don’t have a list (i.e. you have a structure), you will need

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  • vallhai

    from ID3cue sheet conversions
    Supports freecue25 with freecue8, freecue, freecueX
    Regularly updated and improved

    Install CueMounter
    You can install CueMounter from source code by running the./ script followed by./configure, make, and make install
    You can also automate installation with pkg_check_modules (async):

    Download and extract CueMounter sources to somewhere writable

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    It allows you to control your Epson scanner from any system without proper ports (as far as I know, it’s impossible to connect a scanner to the Internet either), and you won’t have to move your scanner from one work table to another to scan your photos, for instance.
    Of course, you have to manage the risk of the hardware button on your scanner malfunctioning in the future, but what is even better, it can save you a lot of trouble.

    Epson Event

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    To me, that’s simply too much to pass up. Use it, and you’ll decide.

    Native password creation for macOS just got easier with Passliss for macOS. Now you will be able to create highly secure passwords on your Mac and restore all types of information with the help of just a few clicks. New features like the Password Checker are sure to be a hit with users who want to give their accounts more security.
    Password Checker
    Did you know your passwords could

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  • jadrerin

    Review Dukebox

    Dukebox is an audio application for managing audio files. One of the program’s big features is the ability to create playlists and it allows you to import and rip CDs to your computer.

    Your browser does not support embedded audio player. You can however download the following sound file: Sound file review Dukebox S1

    You can watch demo of Dukebox:

    Security Ease of use Working with video files Splitting songs FAST Moving

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  • berjard

    Email Effects 11.5 (Mature) is a fast and easy-to-use graphics program for creating ASCII text for various situations that require the most popular font types for ASCII art using a mouse. Special effects, such as exploded text, single line or multiple line, and even text rotation, are included.
    Email Effects is useful for signing emails for free, including with text of your choice, and also for quick signatures. You can create a perfect ASCII art signature in seconds using this

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  • teisyar

    What’s New in Version 3.0.11

    What’s New in Version 3.0.10


    – Fixed rare crashes with some instances

    What’s New in Version 3.0.9


    – Fixed a memory leak that could happen in some circumstances

    What’s New in Version 3.0.8


    – Improvements

    What’s New

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  • pypipew

    Generate random numbers for office
    Previously there was no simple way of generating random numbers in MS Office. Since Office 365 has this feature, it’s now possible to create random numbers quickly. The best part is that this function is integrated into Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
    Generating random numbers is quite important for some scenarios, such as lottery, where an exact number of sales or clicks is important, not to mention in software development, where it’s used to quickly

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  • bertgove


    This application will scan your computer for system problems such as DoS attacks or over loaded processes.

    Aspia will show you a heat map of the internals of your computer and when using the SOS tool, it will warn you of potential threats and give you a visual cue of which processes are the most likely culprits for your computer’s (and yes, even your children’s) problems.

    It can remove adware, wasp, and spyware from

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  • rawwil

    With this app, you can record what you are doing and how you are doing it using your iPhone’s microphone.
    The main interface of the software consists of a simple slide panel that lets you change the settings, such as recording quality, speed, duration, and so forth.
    There is also a button that turns the respective settings off and another button that stops the app recording. You can select what your iPhone’s screen is set to be.
    If you click

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    Oceans were created to give life on Earth. Our lives depend on the Ocean water which covers over 70% of the planet surface. Lots of people also understand that the climate is mainly affected by the ocean. Humans use a lot of water in the past few decades. There are really positive news related to oceans.
    The earth has gained many benefits with the existence of the ocean. Ocean absorbs the harmful climate change and provides a balance between nature and humanity. It also helps in providing water 05e1106874 salanafu

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    the cost of the damage in the year before the date of the loss or damage… caused by the event.

    Since causation must be construed in favor of the insured, see Pennsylvania Natural Gas Co. v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Ins. Co., 6 F.3d 756, 759 (3d Cir.1993), application of the “one occurrence” rule could render the loss on property within Property 1 only one occurrence. We do not see any reason why the 05e1106874 kafehiaw

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    If you have a Wacom tablet and would like to utilize all of its features, download SilverFastX.
    SilverFastX aims to provide the best experience in digital art for users who have a Wacom tablet.
    The software is a complete and integrated digital art toolset, offering many features that professional artists use daily.
    You can choose to use the easy modes or you can put in some extra practice to learn about one of the essentials in digital art: how to
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    Version: 1.2
    Last Update: 19. Feb 2009
    Price: $399.00

    Crisp Yummy is the all-in-one tool for managing your chocolate portfolio and planning new chocolate recipes. Through a simple and easy-to-use digital recipe management system, Chocolate is organized and stored! Along with recipes it will save information about chocolates, their smells, pictures and blogs etc. You can also automatically import recipes from a range of sources including more
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    At the same time, you can check the Magic Mouse, a new pointer, or especially the AirPad, a new trackpad, which works in the same ways as a mouse with 3 buttons.
    FingerTOUCH is a new and exciting tool that allows you to move around the icons on the menu bar quickly thanks to the FingerTOUCH technology. Pressing your finger down on the screen temporarily activates windows, move them, etc.�
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    LCC Handler generates LCC Register which is stored to LCCHandler.LOG and it will be automatically updated when a LCC dispatch run and you can view LCC transactions by clicking on View LCC Transactions tab. 
    LCC Handler allows you to import and export the LCC Log, Export or merge data to other files

    See also


    Category:Report generators
    Category:Financial software
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    But before you start thumbing your way through a text about the theory of noun, pronoun and preposition, maybe it’s time to learn the basics first. That’s why if you’re ever short on time, a good way of starting is by reading your own native language subtitle version of a book, comics or manga you enjoy.
    You will be surprised by how quickly you’ll start finding your grammar errors and how much your vocabulary grows. If you see
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    Main features:
    – Add a movie to your collection with some clicks
    – Easily sort, list and display movies
    – Add custom info
    – Download almost any movie info and update its data
    – Quickly search the most popular movie list


    FHXdonation –
    Utilities/Other Utilities… Development of the down payment user database for Democracy in Action, a NGO that helps disadvantaged women and men in Pakistan….

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    CommView Remote Desktop for WiFi is a useful add-on that enables you to view the screen of any remote computer using WiFi on any computer capable of viewing remote desktop connections.
    Network traffic monitoring
    It is a useful tool that can be handy in places like corporate buildings, where usually many people are using Internet connections from a single device.
    Installing and running CommView Remote Desktop for WiFi is very simple, all you need to do is enter the IP address or hostname of your
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    However, it lacks details about the format and the used fields which makes it difficult to configure.

    Physically damaged or missing files are a very common problem when it comes to working with office files. You may have received a damaged or missing file and want to replace it with a duplicate one. Moreover, these problems may occur during conversion, especially when you use the automatic mode of the program. The Adeptfix Fix Office Files DVD tool allows you to restore damaged and missing files and recover files
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    This is a true need of the current technology. It is not wise on our part to wait any longer to participate and benefit in the current wave. As smartphones and tablets have gained popularity amongst the consumers, many people are simply wondering where to buy its applications online.
    Currently, there are several famous such online applications that have appeared ever since smartphones and tablets have been in the market. For those who are hobbyists, they simply have to browse their chosen application stores to find it.
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    Liberally developed and ad-free, Opera Crypto Browser was created with a technical development team with a passion for crypto that wishes to present the technology in the best possible way, so you will simply love it and can enjoy it for years.
    Here’s how to download and install the Opera Crypto Browser
    To download the Opera Crypto Browser application, simply visit the official website:

    From the above-mentioned link, you should be directed
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    After installing the app on your phone, you only have to launch the host and connect your Android device. Once it appears in the list of connected devices, you can simply launch apps that support multiple screen and enjoy using them without any configuration.
    To save you some time, the app supports the automatic installation of specific apps. If you use the app regularly, you can choose what apps will be installed by default.
    There are a few issues that are part of the standard limitations of the tool
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  • raimamad

    Program obtained the GOOSE ratings from our experts and won Silver and Bronze categories.

    English Romanian Translator is a Windows utility built specifically for helping users perform translation operations from English to Romanian and vice versa.
    It boasts a clean and straightforward interface that gives you the possibility to translate the text from any application, email client, or webpage by simply selecting it and pressing the corresponding hotkey.
    What’s more, the application allows users to type the text to be translated directly in the
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  • talbcia

    The latter option is especially useful when a document contains multiple tables.
    Save and Print capability is included so that you can get a paper copy of the tables in the spreadsheet.
    Support for Excel 2000 and Excel 2003 is also included.
    Finally, if your Excel has already been filled with data, you are able to specify the format and other settings for importing this newly-created set of tables directly into Excel!
    (More about Import Tables – Excel | Download link)

    I get my
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  • lavenath

    Does it work?… read details

    What’s new in this version:- Support for Windows 8 and Windows 10

    What’s new in this version:- Support for Windows 8 and Windows 10

    Version – 2017-09-09


    Fixed a problem where some of the application packages were damaged when installing each of the software under one of the following reasons: a) Windows is already installed, not
    ec5d62056f lavenath

  • bethvano

    **How to install or uninstall The Falling Leaves screen saver?**

    1. Uninstall The Falling Leaves screen saver from your computer.

    2. Restart the computer.

    3. Install The Falling Leaves screen saver to your computer.

    ## Fast-Fading Screen Saver

    Free Download • E-mail download available • Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7

    Based on Flash animation, the Fast-
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  • zanyar

    Instant upgrade or clean installation
    Naturally, the latter is not the only way one can install Windows 11 on Windows 10. You will, of course, have the install-through-Windows-10 option.
    This should come as no surprise, as you can always set up the new operating system manually and install it cleanly and carefully. That being said, this method also includes a Windows 11 upgrade.
    If you do not opt for the other options, the upgrade process is as easy as
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    Both versions can be downloaded at the developer’s site for free.Lithiation plus addition to three different complexes of [RuH(eta(5)-C(5)H(5))L](2+).
    The reaction of the complexes [RuL(2)X(2)](2+) (L = pyridine (py), 2,2′-bipyridyl (bpy), or 2,2′:6′,2″-terpyrid
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  • sanber

    What is new in this release:

    New icons on the Toolbar.

    Enhanced installation/uninstallation process

    Small UI improvements

    What is new in this version:

    NEW MENU ICON: You can now adjust the size of the small button in the context menu, on the button, to simulate the small version.

    Small UI improvements.

    Enhanced installation/uninstallation process.

    NEW MENU ICON: You can
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  • latblan


    All of our methods explained in the following are the ones we use when making KeyCards.
    If this is not the first you have heard of it, the good news is that it is simple as ever to make your own KeyCard and is even simpler than ever (read “unparalled”) to use.
    That is good news for the security conscious, but it can also be good news if you want to increase the “quantity of life” of your present Key
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  • yehyud

    We’re glad you have downloaded CaSIR. Please keep in mind that the product is an add-on to the product and not a standalone product. You can use CaSIR in conjunction with any of the Pro versions of CE/APS firewall, to ensure smooth operation. CaSIR and the other add-ons might not be supported on unsupported Operating Systems for a period of time, or may not work at all if the OS version is not supported. CaSIR may
    50e0806aeb yehyud

  • idantri

    Softmos Calendar enables you to add any holidays,

    Yahoo! Mail Cleaner helps you to keep your Yahoo! Mail safe and clean from spam. It is designed to help you clean of spam emails such as emails from or to counterfeit contact persons. You can block all unknown email addresses from sending new emails, or you can block all specific email recipients such as Yahoo!

    A small and easy to use Evernote note taking software. Break your long task into several to-do
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  • marfer

    It provides intuitive functionality and is easy to use, so everybody will be able to take advantage of this application. And while not everybody might appreciate the price (it is a freeware) the quality of the audio extraction is good enough and the conversion speed is also good. Overall a good quality application, though it could have some improvements regarding the metadata options.

    Version 8:

    5/10 – Fixing several small bugs.

    Version 7.1:

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  • birtbern

    Full Stack Assistant is currently in the beta channel of Google Chrome, but it’s still live.


    Dug for some time and couldn’t find a decent one, then tried Xpert Tools and ended up using it, it’s really a nice extension!
    Screenshots and more info at
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    Kaspersky Total Security 2015 is designed for use on systems built on the Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. Currently, the Kaspersky Total Security 2015 version supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Windows XP users on 32-bit and 64-bit are both supported. The latter should work both on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP. On 32-bit systems, you have to find the right compatibility pack. You also need the latest
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    Upgrading to v7 took almost no time at all, and I had no lingering questions about the new app. But some time later, the compatibility issues began to pop up.

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    Hey everyone.
    I guess it’s the last time I’ll post for a while, so I’d like to thank everyone for being who they are, for your kindness, for the time you took to talk to me and to help me get to know the club better.
    You are all amazing people

    I only want to do it for you, Danny. I’m going to leave you off. You deserve it.

    And if it weren’t for Davie and me,
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